大阪市, 日本

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Live in Osaka,Japan, working Domestic Logistics company.

in the company , i have a variety of tasks that necessary to the company. management business, digital publishing, budgeting, brand strategy,and others.

often i take a photos StrayCats livin' OsakaCity. upload instagram. If you're using , let's be friends with instagram(press instagram icon below)

Likes RAVE, punk rock and harmonics. I like people who like cats. I also play piano and try my hand at silver accessories. I would die without change.

hope to see you someday :D




instagramではSIGMA Quattroを片手に地元福島区から西成、難波、天王寺界隈を中心に大阪市内を活動域として、都会の喧騒の中に生きる野良猫達を追う日々を少しずつポストしています(下のインスタアイコンからどうぞ)。


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